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AV Salesdesk

Collect lead information to connect with customers no matter where they are in their journey, then walk them through the desking, F&I, delivery, and accounting processes.

Optimize Vehicle Inventory
Operate more efficiently
Increase accountability
Improve customer experience
Maximize profit potential

Are you frustrated with multiple pieces of software that don’t communicate with one another?
They each provide their own value, but offer a clunky, disjointed experience.

AV Optimize can solve inefficiencies and eliminate guesswork.

AV Salesdesk is the all-in-one solution you need.

With AV Salesdesk, once a lead comes in you can immediately start working the deal, including analyzing customer needs, pricing, desking, F&I and delivery, using one platform with CRM functionality.

Operate more efficiently

Dealers get visibility into every stage of the lead follow-up, deal creation, back-end sale and delivery process to ensure a positive, consistent customer experience and highlight any areas where processes need improvement.

Customers can check in on their deal at any time, giving them transparency and greater control of their purchasing decisions.

close more deals with AV Optimize
Remote Selling

Improve customer experience

The more you know about a customer, the fewer questions you need to ask.

AV Salesdesk tells you everything you need to know including previous purchases, online interactions and dealership visits to reduce the amount of time the customer is in the sales funnel.

Increase accountability and collaboration

Assign tasks to team members related to an opportunity in progress or delivery scheduled, helping ensure the ball is never dropped.

Collaborate through the delivery system by communicating with your team on delivery checklist items and see the progress of the delivery at any time.

close more deals with AV Optimize
Remote Selling

Maximize profit potential

Gives the desk the ability to choose what is presented in payment proposals and custom build a quote for each customer.

Sell more F&I by building menus custom on the go with the customer or use pre-made menu templates and reduce time in the business office.

Simplified sales and financing for all, including:

Lead Management / CRM

Track interactions and create follow-ups
Increase profit-per-vehicle

Book appointments by sending boarding passes to customers

Generate meaningful reports to track ROI


Get full picture of inventory by cost, price, RO’s associated, options, products and accessories

Track inventory status, location and deals associated

Enter inventory directly or pull inventory from DMS


Pre-loaded OEM sales programs and vehicle data

Desk with ease, add options, trades, accessories and products

Proposal presentation to the customer by print, digital or interactively

Finance Manager

Pre-build templates

F&I menus presentation digitally or print

Product disclosures


Create tasks for deliveries to form a delivery checklist

Manage delivery status and schedule

Communicate and collaborate with the sales and service teams on the delivery

Deal Commissioning and Accounting

Commission deal

Create or connect customer with your DMS

Create deal journal entry or push deal into your DMS

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