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Sell the value, not the price

Drive engagement by providing dealership info for all car buyers

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Provide value in exchange for personal info, creating high-quality website leads

Close the deal remotely

Close the deal from anywhere with flexible, collaborative negotiations

Representing over 900 dealers selling every major brand:

If you’re not using AutoVerify, you are missing out on a vast and untapped wealth of opportunity when it comes to your online traffic. The leads we get offer a fantastic conversion rate – they directly contributed to 8 vehicle sales last month alone, and we are tracking for the same this month. If you’re not using AutoVerify, your leads and potential sold clients are buying at dealerships that are!
Scott Barber

General Manager, Penticton Nissan

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I want to cancel?

No problem! You can cancel anytime, we just need 90 days notice.

What's the ROI guarantee all about?

It is a guarantee that we will either grow your business, or we expect to lose your business. We guarantee you’ll see at least 3X return on your AutoVerify investment, or we’ll suspend your billing until you do. We have over 900 Canadian dealer clients, and on average, they are seeing 8.9X ROI.

What are my payment options?

Our clients pay by credit card, which will be requested during the process of setting up your account.

I’ve noticed you advertise an additional $6 fee per credit lead. Why?

This is the cost we incur from our data providers to pull a customer’s credit, provide them with a credit report, and pass along a Credit lead to you. We do not make a profit from this $6. But keep in mind that 23% of our Credit leads convert into sales!

Am I locked into using AutoVerify for a certain amount of time?

No, you’re not. We believe in earning your business every single month, so our agreement does not lock you into a specific timeframe. You can cancel anytime, we just need 90 days notice to process a stop on your billing.

Can we change the 90 day term?

Unfortunately, no. It takes some time for us to process cancellation requests, so we do need a 90 day notice.

Is there a setup fee?

Yes, we charge a $500 setup fee that covers the full integration and onboarding of the AutoVerify suite, as well as training for your team.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We would be happy to offer referral discounts and volume discounts for dealer groups. Contact or your sales representative for details.

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