Car Media 360
Vehicle Merchandising

Our industry is going digital, making it critical to provide digital customers with experiences that were once only available in-store.

Full Resolution 360 spin

Take your vehicle merchandising to the next level

Create an interactive experience

Car Media 360 empowers shoppers to navigate your inventory through an immersive user-led experience. By combining high-resolution photography with video or detail hotspots, consumers can experience the unique benefits associated with your inventory.


56% of auto shoppers could be convinced to buy a car from an online 360° walkaround without a test drive.

Build customer confidence

By giving digital customers the chance to see the vehicle inside and out with their own two eyes, they get complete transparency into the state of the vehicle, making them more likely to buy.

Boost engagement

Including Car Media 360 Vehicle Merchandising on your VDPs makes them more fun and engaging for digital customers to interact with, encouraging them to learn more about the vehicle.

Meets or exceeds photo brand guidelines for:

Car Media 360 helps by ensuring:


All vehicles captured using step-by-step onscreen guide

All vehicles appear uniform creating a visually appealing VDP

Demonstrates your dealership’s commitment to professionalism

On screen process ensures all steps to capture are completed


Allows your staff to capture your inventory just like a professional

Access to your entire inventory ensures inventory wide coverage

Easy to use on your own iOS or Android devices

Media Player and imbedded gallery available in near real time


100% brand compliant background application

Ensures brand photo requirements are met (format and sequence)

Avoids expensive OEM strike notices and marketing allowance holdbacks

Co-op eligible1
Car Media 360 qualifies for co-op with Volvo Canada and GM US iMR Fund Match

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