AV Inventory Matching

Increase profits and efficiency by providing car shoppers a list of vehicles they’re pre-qualified to buy.

Trade-in Leads
Save time
Grow profits
Reduce errors
Increase lender approvals
Buyer view of pre-qualification with matched inventory options

Save time finding vehicles the shopper can afford

Using information provided by a car shopper, AV Inventory Matching provides the shopper a pre-qualification offer and a list of vehicles they can afford, directly from your inventory.

Get insight on which vehicles they’re interested in

At the same time, you receive detailed customer credit information and a list of interactions the shopper had with the vehicles shown.

AutoVerify Inventory Matching – Matched Vehicles of Interest

Include margins
into matched vehicle

Dealers can add their preferred profit margins, ensuring the list of matched vehicles is delivered to the customer with the profit margin built-in.

Automatically find vehicles that match the customer’s credit profile

Right now, dealers are manually searching their inventory to find vehicles the customer can afford. With AV Inventory Matching, that process is automated, meaning less time and less room for human error.

Know exactly what the shopper can afford before the deal hits the finance office

With AV Inventory Matching, you’ll build deals based on a pre-qualified customer and a vehicle that’s been matched to them based on their unique credit situation, making them much more likely to be approved by the lender.

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