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AV Research

AutoVerify Research takes a credit-first approach to generating high converting auto leads by answering common pre-purchase questions.

AutoVerify Research credit results

A credit-first approach

AV Research transforms your website into a hub of information online car shoppers are looking for, like trade-in values, credit checks, pre-qualifications, test drive options and dealership reviews.

Each of these solutions provides valuable information while generating web leads that are accessible in one handy dashboard.

Why credit-first?

When you build a deal for a shopper without knowing their credit situation, you could end up trying to sell a vehicle they can’t afford. 

This means wasted time for you and potential embarrassment for the shopper if they're denied financing.

AV Research solutions are designed to guide shoppers to provide the credit details you need to find vehicles that fit their unique financial situation.

The outcome? You get a clear picture of what the shopper can truly afford, helping you efficiently build deals that will be approved.

AutoVerify Research credit results

AV Pre-qualify helps car shoppers understand their affordability via data from industry giants TD Auto Finance and Equifax Canada.

Once a shopper completes the pre-qualification process, the dealer receives an ID-authenticated lead that includes more credit information than any other tool on the Canadian market, and the customer is guided towards a finance application.

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Here’s what AV Pre-qualify delivers:

  • Important info about the customer's affordability using a credit-first approach

  • Increased efficiency by empowering dealers to focus on vehicles the customer can afford
  • More satisfied customers with a full-range lender that services all levels of credit

  • Data-informed decision-making using ID-authenticated leads
  • Higher customer confidence by highlighting the most trusted names in the industry
  • Can be integrated directly into Dealertrack or RouteOne to reduce double entry of finance applications

AV Credit+ offers a credit-first approach that helps dealers and car shoppers access credit details beyond just a range, improving the customer experience and helping dealers operate more efficiently. 

Once a customer completes a Credit+ lead they are gently guided towards a finance application.

AV Credit+ can be fueled by data from Equifax Canada or TransUnion.

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Here’s what AV Credit+ delivers:

  • A reliable source of ID-authenticated leads
  • The option to fuel with data from Equifax Canada or TransUnion
  • Increased efficiency and better lead generation with a credit-first user flow that contains no complicated forms
  • Build confidence by providing customers with a free credit check
  • Can be integrated directly into Dealertrack or RouteOne to reduce double entry of finance applications

Connect with online car shoppers researching the value of their vehicle as they prepare to trade it into a dealership. 

With AV Trade-in, your website can be their trusted source of information, providing a trade value then gently guiding them toward a high-converting credit or pre-qualification lead. AV Trade-in data is based on auction results, actual sale reports, government data, and new car inventory levels and incentives.

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Here’s what AV Trade-in delivers:

  • More deals closed by capturing in-market buyers
  • A better customer experience by setting realistic expectations around trade value
  • Improved customer retention through trust and transparency delivered
  • Increased efficiency with mobile-verified trade-in leads

Did you know 49% of people trust consumer reviews as much as a personal recommendation from friends and family?* 

Show car shoppers you're a dealer they can trust by highlighting your online reviews right on your website. 

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Here’s what AV Reviews delivers:

  • Increased trust by highlighting great experiences you've had with other customers
  • Longer customer attention by making it easy to get reputation info right from your site
  • Increased efficiency with streamlined review requests
  • Improved operations through valuable customer feedback

*BrightLocal Consumer Review Survey 2023

Generate leads from customers who are near-ready to buy while making it easier and more convenient for them to book a test drive from home.

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Here’s what AV Test Drive delivers:

  • A 24/7 customer connection with an online showroom that's always open
  • A customer-first experience with options to start the test drive from anywhere
  • Custom route and refreshment options to make the drive more fun and comfortable

Build your inventory by connecting with people researching the value of their vehicle online, even when they’re not looking to buy a new one.

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Here’s what AV Acquire delivers:

  • Connect with owners looking to sell their used car
  • An inventory acquisition source that’s simple to use
  • Easily integrated into your site
  • Acquire inventory for your pre-owned lot

Are you ready to increase sales and operate more efficiently? 

See how AV Research works, today.