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AV Optimize

Generate a list of the most profitable vehicles for any customer profile, taking into consideration customer credit, negative equity and lender advance guidelines.

Optimize Vehicle Inventory
Maximize profit potential
Operate more efficiently
Get more deals approved
Acquire more inventory
AV Optimize can solve inefficiencies and eliminate guesswork.

The current process is slow and tedious. Without the time to calculate every vehicle on the lot to find the most profitable one, it also leaves money on the table nearly every time.

AV Optimize can solve that.

Remote Selling

Calculate profit potential

By maximizing the lender advance on every vehicle and identifying profit potential to get the best lender rates and payments, AV Optimize means no more money left on the table. 

A leading Canadian dealer group averages $107,873 in additional gross revenue per month across 7 stores by using AV Optimize.

That’s an estimated $1,294,481 per calendar year, with a spend of $28,128.

Improve approval ratios

Reduce deals lost to financing concerns.  AV Optimize:

→ Alerts dealers if a deal is outside of lender guidelines

→ Simplifies special finance deals when look-to-book ratios tend to be lower

→ Houses lender and financing rules to allow automated calculations.

A major Canadian auto group closes an average of
19 deals per month that would have been lost due to financing without AV Optimize.

close more deals with AV Optimize
Remote Selling

Increase efficiency

By automating the process of matching customers with a vehicle they can afford and reducing training time, using AV Optimize will allow you to focus on what matters most. 

“The amount of time our business managers have saved thanks to AV Optimize is extraordinary. Time is money, and while we still work the same number of hours, now we make a lot more money.”
Guy Robineau, Director of Lending Solutions
Palladino Auto Group

Simplified sales and financing for all, including:

Sales Management

Close customers more quickly

Increase profit-per-vehicle

Be notified of problem areas in the deal structure

Finance Manager

Sell as much product as an approvable deal will allow

Quickly identify vehicles that fit a customer’s pre-approval

Sort approvable vehicles based on profit potential


Increase approval rates with properly structured deals

Boost efficiency by reducing both auto-declines and conditional approvals

Increase market share through improved relationships with dealer partners

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"AV Optimize automates the most tedious elements of the finance manager’s job, allowing them to spend more time on what they do best – maximizing back-end profits."

Guy Robineau

Director of Lending Solutions, Palladino Auto Group