AV Automotive Inventory Merchandising

Automotive Inventory Merchandising (AIM) helps you save time and money by taking the grunt work out of merchandising your inventory, so you can focus on what you do best – selling more cars and taking in trades.

Digital Desking Tools
Cut costs
Drive profit-per-vehicle
Save time
Automate data
Syndicate content

Up-to-date info wherever you need it

The AIM Control Module injects and compiles information from all your sources into one centralized, easy-to-manage view, then syndicates it everywhere you need it. The result? Consistent, up-to-date listings on your primary and third-party sites, increasing accuracy and efficiency and maximizing the value of your third-party spend.


We deliver enhanced inventory to any end point, with over 96 destinations.


New programs will be automatically live on your website within 24 hours.


AutoVerify AIM is reliable and dependable, we never take a sick day.

Remote Selling

Automate and simplify incentives & rebates

By automating the process of adding OEM rebates and incentives to your listings, you remove the potential for human error and ensure that customers are not stacking non-stackable offers.

Enhanced photo management

AIM overlays, stock photo underlays, badges and banners drive dealership awareness and bring more attention to your listings with attractive and colourful enhancements. The AIM app helps dealers take photos of their inventory with their mobile device.

Remote Selling
Remote Selling

Automated vehicle descriptions

AIM vehicles and descriptions are custom-written by trained automotive experts, continually updated to incorporate new model start dates and trim descriptions. These descriptions are informed by OEM-research to capture the emotion of the typical buyer for each model.

One automated source of inventory

Unlimited syndication

We send out enhanced content to your primary and third-party websites so you always have consistent, up-to-date listings.

Higher profit-per-vehicle 

Highlight vehicle features that grab the car shopper’s attention by adding badges and overlays to your images.

Always on duty

Our service works automatically in the back-end, so we never take a day off. We're always here to make sure your tools are working as they should.

Better listings

Amp up your vehicle descriptions with automatic updates to your incentives and rebates, plus key vehicle features and highlights.

Eliminate human error

We automate the data and content flowing into your dealership’s primary and third-party website listings, eliminating the potential for human error.

Cost and time savings

With our automated listing updates, you can be more efficient with your resources, and maintain an accurate, organized digital showroom.

"Whitehorse Motors has seen a 1700% increase in used vehicle profit year over year, partly due to the quality content we now display thanks to AIM"

Jens Nielsen

General Sales Manager, Whitehorse Motors

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