Showcase 360°
Vehicle Walkarounds

Our industry is going digital, making it critical to provide digital customers with experiences that were once only available in-store.

Trade-in Leads

Set your listings apart from the competition by including virtual vehicle walkarounds that allow you to:

Create an interactive experience

AV 360 empowers car shoppers to walk around the interior and exterior of the vehicle, checking out hotspots, or special areas of interest, from the comfort of their own homes.


56% of auto shoppers could be convinced to buy a car from an online 360° walkaround without a test drive.

AutoVerify Spotlight VDP Awards
AutoVerify Spotlight VDP Awards

Build customer confidence

By giving digital customers the chance to see the vehicle inside and out with their own two eyes, they get complete transparency into the state of the vehicle, making them more likely to buy.

Boost engagement

Including 360° virtual vehicle walkarounds on your VDPs makes them more fun and engaging for digital customers to interact with, encouraging them to learn more about the vehicle.


Dealers receive 42% more enquiries on vehicles that have 360° spins attached to their listings.

AutoVerify Spotlight VDP Awards

AV 360 helps by:

Virtual exterior walkarounds allow customers to:

See the condition of the paint and finish close-up

View the vehicle from any angle

Focus on hotspots like alloy wheels, parking assist, roof racks etc

Virtual interior walkarounds allow customers to:

Understand the condition of the vehicle interior

Visualize whether the vehicle can fit their family or gear

Focus on hotspots like sunroofs, heated seats, entertainment systems etc.

Vehicle capture app helps dealers through:

Easy to use on Android or iOS devices

Providing instant access to online inventory

A handy guide to help you take great 360° vehicle walkaround videos

Excellent service & product! A great way to engage customers and sales staff in the buying/shopping process, especially in these uncertain times we have been facing. The AutoVerify staff are always there to answer any questions or concerns we may have and provide excellent training for our staff.

Laurie Whitson

Digital Advertising Specialist, Listowel Kia

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