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AutoVerify Research takes a credit-first approach to generating high converting auto leads by answering common pre-purchase questions.

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Answer car buyer’s questions now, and they’ll think of you when it’s time to buy.

A credit-first approach

AutoVerify Research includes five tools designed to work together to provide the specific information the customer came looking for, then seamlessly guide them toward a Credit lead that converts at 23%.

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AutoVerify Research Finance App

Car buying info hub

Integrating AutoVerify Research tools into your website helps make sure that no matter what information the car buyer is looking for, they can find it on your website.

AutoVerify includes:


Build trust

Manage your online reputation

Reviews are on your site so shoppers don't leave to check Google reviews


Mobile-verified leads

Capture most in-market car buyers

Set realistic expectations of trade value


No complicated forms to complete

Pre-qualify customers (soft pull)

Provide customers a free TransUnion credit profile

Finance Apps

Get consent for hard credit pull

ID-authenticated from TransUnion

Know exactly what they can afford in advance


Leads from high-intent car buyers

Help customers uncover to total cost of ownership

Provide options from top insurers

Test Drive

Keeps your showroom open 24/7

In-store and remote options

Make it easy for customers to schedule a visit

Our tools convert at:


Trade-in leads


Credit leads


Insurance leads


Finance apps


Test Drive leads
“I have been using AutoVerify Credit for a month, and four days after I put it on my website it delivered its first sale — not just a lead, a sale! And the second one came shortly after that! I’m hooked.”
Shawn Armorer

Director of Business Development, Silver Star Mercedes

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