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See how Silver Star Montreal uses AutoVerify to maximize efficiency and remain focused on the customer.

AutoVerify was a perfect fit for Silver Star Montreal’s focus on using technology to streamline their BDC process, increase lead quality and decrease response time.

Shawn Armorer,  Director of Business Development, Silver Star Mercedes

With 16 years of industry experience under his belt, Shawn Armorer is a seasoned and well-balanced automotive professional.

When he first joined Silver Star, the trade-in tool being used was offering an unacceptable lead response time, and he wasn’t sold on the quality of leads being delivered. It just wouldn’t do. “Our busiest time of day for mobile web traffic and information requests is when potential customers are on break for lunch," says Armorer. "If we wait 20 minutes to get back to them they’re either back to work, or on the phone with our competitors. We expect leads to be contacted in under 10 minutes during these peak periods.”

Shawn began to evaluate every tool the dealership was using. In April 2018, Shawn was introduced to Cheryl at Mobials, and he never looked back. Cheryl was able to highlight how AutoVerify Trade-in could solve his problems with lead quality and response time, not to mention the user experience. The rest was history. “The process was so seamless,” Shawn recalls. “The innovation, functionality and all-around support of Mobials and AutoVerify exceeded my expectations. Cheryl really understood my reality and helped me through any hiccups I encountered. And when I was wrong, she told me I was wrong — that’s exactly what I need from my business partners.” The leads started pouring in.

“I was so happy with the results I saw from AutoVerify Trade-in that I wanted in on the other products right away.”

AutoVerify Trade-in was 30-40% less expensive than the tool he was using, plus it was providing more leads that were better quality and could be responded to in less time. “I was so happy with the results I saw from AutoVerify Trade-in that I wanted in on the other products right away. I started using the Credit tool as well, and while it doesn’t provide as many leads, the quality of leads are excellent. What truly sold me was the manner in which credit information was presented to my customers and BDC agents. It gave us more visibility which provided a more customer-focused approach.”

“I also love that the products are completely bilingual. People are very sensitive to language here in Montreal, and Mobials gets that — just another example of delivering innovations based on what the customer needs and values.” Shawn is now completely hooked on AutoVerify tools and has volunteered to be on the ground floor for testing of any new product. After all, his business is selling vehicles and building relationships, and AutoVerify helps his team do both.

“I have been using AutoVerify Credit for a month, and four days after I put it on my website it delivered its first sale — not just a lead, a sale! And the second one came shortly after that! I’m hooked.”

So far, the results speak for themselves


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