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See how City Ford uses AutoVerify to make it super easy for customers to find their trade value.

The team at City Ford wanted to help online car shoppers research their purchase as simply as possible, making AutoVerify a great solution for their digital retailing needs.

Miguel Romero, Finance Manager, City Ford

In early 2019, Miguel Romero was busy testing about 20 different tools, trying to find a solution that would make it super easy for online car shoppers to find their trade value and provide valuable lead information.

A digital marketing expert, Romero was getting frustrated — the options he was testing were making the consumer do too much work, and it eventually got to a point where Romero considered giving up and building a tool of his own.The products he was testing were delivering decent results, but they were all too complicated. “I wanted something that would make it easy for my customers. I didn’t want them having to do too much typing or thinking.” That’s what made AutoVerify Trade-in his top choice.

AutoVerify tools made things easy. With a user experience that uses drop-downs rather than open fields, the Trade-in and Credit widgets were fast, simple and required little work on the consumer’s end — solving the main paint-point Romero was facing.

Once City Ford started using AutoVerify, the leads started pouring in. The dealership brought in over 420 leads in the first 60 days, and about 20% of those converted into sales. Yep, you read that right — 20%! And that’s just the dealership average.

“We had one crew do 13 deals with these leads in one month, which meant close to a 50% conversion rate for that crew.”

Needless to say, City Ford is one very happy AutoVerify customer.The tools have also helped City Ford with their lead nurture strategy as they can tell which vehicles the customer is interested in. “We love how the information being delivered tells us the specific URL they’re responding to, so we know exactly which vehicle they’re interested in.”

So far, the results speak for themselves


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Credit leads


Conversion to sale

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