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AutoVerify Pre-Qualification Terms and Conditions

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The Pre-Qualification process

The Pre-Qualification process and the Pre-Qualification Estimate that is provided means only that you may qualify for the loan requested based on the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide us, including any information you enter in or which is derived from your vehicle selection and/ or your Pre-Qualification application. Pre-Qualification does not grant credit and is not an approval or pre-approval for credit. 

You represent that you meet the following eligibility criteria:

• You are a permanent resident of Canada

• You are the age of majority in the province where you will be purchasing a vehicle 

To be approved or pre-approved for credit, you must submit a full credit application at the dealership. The dealership may use additional or different criteria in assessing an application submitted at the dealership which may return different results. The Pre-Qualification estimate is intended for illustrative and general purposes only and does not mean you will be granted credit. 

The dealership reserves the right to change the terms of your Pre-Qualification Estimate (including, but not limited to, the amount of credit you may qualify for and the applicable interest rate) any time without notice. The dealership, in conjunction with the ultimate lender, reserves the right to make any final credit decision. 

With your consent, your consumer credit bureau report will be accessed by the Mobials Inc. (dba AutoVerify) for the purposes described below, including to help determine your Pre-Qualification Estimate. Accessing your consumer credit bureau report as part of this credit pre-qualification application process will not impact your credit score. However, your credit score may be impacted if you choose to continue the approval process at the dealership. 

As part of the Pre-Qualification process, you also understand and agree to all of the following terms: 

In the following sections "you", "your", and "yours" mean the applicant. "We", "us", and "our" mean Mobials Inc. (dba AutoVerify). "Dealership" means (the supplier of goods and/or services to you) the dealer who receives any Information about you from us. "Information" means personal, financial, credit and other details about you that you provide to us, directly or indirectly. 

We will use the Information you provide, for the purpose of verifying your identity and to obtain your consumer credit bureau report as described below. 

In order to process your credit pre-qualification application, we are required to ask you for Information. The Information that you provide will be compared against the Information contained in the consumer credit report we access (called a "soft check") to help confirm your identity. The consumer credit report will also be used to assess your credit pre-qualification application. Note: Should the Information you provide not match the Information contained in your consumer credit report, you will not be able to complete the credit pre-qualification application through the platform. 

You acknowledge that we and the dealership are an agent only for the purpose of completing any credit application and identification disclosure and submitting it to a lender for approval. You certify that all Information on any credit pre-qualification application is true, accurate and complete. 

You confirm that any credit pre-qualification application submitted is not for the benefit of any person other than yourself.

Automated Decision Making: 

We use various technology tools to process your credit pre-qualification application. These tools allow us to use your personal information to make decisions about your request in real time because the process is fully automated. 

Our Privacy Policy:

You also consent to our Privacy Policy. You agree that we may handle your personal information as we set out in our Privacy Policy. You can find our Privacy Policy online at https://www.autoverify.com/ legal. You agree that this consent is in addition to, and not in substitution of, any other consent you have provided. If there is a conflict between the provisions of these pre-qualification terms and the Privacy Policy, the pre-qualification terms will prevail.