Mobials Reinvents AutoVerify to Generate Credit-Qualified Leads for Dealers While Acting as a Research Assistant for Car Buyers

LONDON, ON, August 06, 2019 — Mobials Inc., parent-company of AutoVerify, has reinvented its AutoVerify solution to generate credit-qualified leads by answering common questions that come up in a car buyer’s pre-purchase research. The solution is customizable, as it includes a trade-in calculator built on a new algorithm that gives dealers the opportunity to choose which data source their customers pull values from.

In its first year, AutoVerify has helped dealers generate tens of thousands of leads, with 23% of Credit leads converting to sales. “These numbers made one thing clear — a user flow that answers car buyer’s questions then gently guides them toward a Credit lead is a great way to maximize the number of these highly-converting leads for our dealers. So that’s what we built.”

The AutoVerify team also redesigned its Trade-in solution in response to requests from dealers regarding the source of the trade-in values offered on their websites. The Mobials data science team solved this problem with an all-new algorithm that lets dealers select which data will power the values they deliver.