Mobials Reinvents AutoVerify to Generate Credit-Qualified Leads

LONDON, ON, August 06, 2019 — Mobials Inc., parent-company of AutoVerify, has reinvented its AutoVerify solution to generate credit-qualified leads by answering common questions that come up in a car buyer’s pre-purchase research.

This new innovation includes a full restructure of the AutoVerify user flow to answer whichever question piqued the consumer’s interest, like trade-in value or insurance options, then guides them toward a Credit lead, which converts at a significantly higher rate than other lead sources.

In its first year, AutoVerify has helped dealers generate tens of thousands of leads, with 23% of Credit leads converting to sales. “These numbers made one thing clear,” says Marty Meadows, President at AutoVerify. “A one-stop solution that encourages all users to complete a Credit lead is a great way to maximize the number of these highly-converting leads for our dealers. So that’s what we built.”